About Us

Just Wisdom Teeth DC is proud to serve the greater DC area with exceptional patient care for all.

Our door is open to all patients because we believe in affordable, quality care for everyone. We welcome those with special needs, children with extensive dental care, and individuals who may worry about the financial side of great oral health.

We are the safest option when it comes to wisdom tooth removal in Maryland and DC because we utilize a hospital-grade environment (without the long wait times!). This includes a dedicated anesthesiologist for every procedure that happens in our accredited Ambulatory Surgery Center. There are a limited number of these accreditations in the nation, and we are proud to be one of them.


  • We are the safest option for wisdom teeth removal
  • We accept patients with special needs
  • Safety is the most important thing to us—we have taken every precaution to ensure the safest environment for surgery and general anesthesia
  • We perform all oral surgery in an AAAHC accredited, state licensed Ambulatory Surgery Center called The Dental Surgery Center of DC, which has an anesthesiologist dedicated 100% to monitoring patients during anesthesia and a team of Registered Nurses dedicated to monitoring patients after anesthesia