Wisdom Teeth Removal
for Adults

Wisdom teeth removal becomes more difficult as we age. As the teeth grow in, their roots can extend deep into the jaw, complicating the removal process.

By the time you are 30, your wisdom teeth will have a significantly higher likelihood of being impacted. Once a tooth is impacted, it can lead to excessive pain both before and after extraction. That means patients who wait too long to get their wisdom teeth removed may experience more difficulty than those who opt to remove early.

Just Wisdom Teeth is here to ease that discomfort. We are the safest option for your wisdom teeth removal because we have years of experience focused solely on wisdom teeth extractions.

When you come in for your appointment, our expert team will do pre-surgery exams and ask you questions about your health. Our dental surgeons are also prepared to walk you through the procedure and explain all necessary recommendations for recovery.

While most dental surgeons administer anesthesia themselves during an operation, we want to make sure our patients are getting the best care possible. That’s why we have a dedicated anesthesiologist present to monitor your safety throughout the procedure.

After the procedure, we’ll provide you with post-operative instructions, including guidelines around oral care, swelling, and pain management. Because your safety is paramount, we are happy to answer any follow-up questions that may arise in the days following your surgery.

For the first day or two, you should expect to eat only liquids and soft foods. Following that, you should eat only soft foods for at least four to five days. Full recovery from the procedure takes a week or two.

If you have any questions about wisdom teeth removal in Maryland and DC, reach out to our office today. Our professional staff at Just Wisdom Teeth are ready to help you arrange the best care for your removal process and ensure a speedy recovery.