Patient Referral

Our mission is to provide patients with the safest treatment possible.

At Just Wisdom Teeth, we are proud to partner with dentists whose patients need more specialized care, including children and those with special needs. We offer patients and doctors a simple, straightforward referral system that puts these patients first.

When you refer your patients to us, you can count on them receiving exceptional treatment in a licensed Ambulatory Surgery Center with specialty equipment, nursing staff and dedicated anesthesiologists. 

After treatment, the patient will return to their dental home for ongoing oral health maintenance. Our team will send the referring doctor a post operative report and x-rays to ensure continuity of care.

Safe Tooth Extraction from Specialists

We know that treatment options can leave patients feeling disoriented and overwhelmed. Our practice is exclusively focused on and specializes in tooth extractions, and we know how to handle any problems a patient might face with care that is reliable, prompt, and professional. When you send a referral to Just Wisdom Teeth, we become your partner in patient care.

Unlike other wisdom teeth specialists, our office has several anesthesiologists on staff, dedicated to monitoring patients’ vitals during the extraction process. Additionally, we have a team of registered nurses who will closely watch the patient as they come out of their anesthetized state, ensuring a safe recovery. 

We offer experienced dental surgeons and expert anesthesiologists committed to the well-being and safety of every patient.

Why Refer to Just Wisdom Teeth?

We provide patients with the highest quality and safest care in the DC area, using the latest in dental technology to ensure a healthy recovery. Our office also collaborates with you on treatment plans, so you know exactly what to expect when your patient returns to you following their procedure.

Our surgeries are all performed in a licensed Ambulatory Surgery Center outfitted with specialty equipment and committed staff ready to handle whatever your patient’s case requires.

To hear more about the services we can offer to your patients, reach out today. Our streamlined referral forms can get your patient the care they need quickly. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out by calling our office at (301) 482-8888.

To refer a patient to Just Wisdom Teeth, please use the secure digital form below or download the PDF: